DOSAGE: 500mg , 200mg 

Ketamine is most often used in veterinary medicine. In humans, it can induce and maintain general anesthesia before, during, and after surgery.

For medical purposes, ketamine is either injected into a muscle or given through an intravenous (IV) line.

Molar mass237,725 g/mol



Buy Liquid Ketamine Online comes as a liquid (injectable) and Ketamine  Crystal Powder (white powder).  the injection is very fast-acting. You might be aware of what is happening to you, but unable to move. It also causes memory problems. Later, you might not be able to remember what happened while drugged 500mg and ketamine 200mg.

Buy Liquid Ketamine Online (SIDE EFFECTS Ketamine)

Ketamine can result in Out of body experiences, Dream-like feeling, Feeling out of control, Impaired motor function, Slurred speech, Numbness and Loss of coordination. Other side effects include Problems breathing, Convulsions, Vomiting, Memory problems, Aggressive or violent behavior, Depression and High blood pressure. Buy Liquid Ketamine Online

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